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We have access to several spectacular deals on the properties we represent. This deals go from simply great prices on the units, financing on the properties, leasebacks (where the property is guaranteed to rented for a period of time), buyback options (where the property is sold and you may sell it back at a guaranteed profit).
Some of the deals are:
We have two special deals this week. Please see the Featured Listings for more details.

Our Listings

24 photos
Penthouse Riverside Condominiums, Suite 62
Riverside $725,000 4,200 sq. ft. 3 Story Condominium
9 photos
Potrero Estate
Playa Potrero $465,000 300 sq. m. 3-Level Split Residential
24 photos
Condominios Riverside, Suite 406-2
Riverside $389,000 212 sq. m. Single Story Condominium
16 photos
Riverside , Suite 604b
San Rafael $235,000 120 sq. m. Single Story Residential
13 photos
San Isidro, Heredia
San Isidro $129,000 3,752 sq. m. Single Story Lots and Land
5 photos
Calle Libertad - Vista Ridge
Sardinal $98,000 3,263 sq. m. Single Story Farm and Ranch
4 photos
Rivergrand La Arboleda 5
San Rafael $75,000 182 sq. m. Single Story Lots and Land
3 photos
Vistara @Rivergand, Lot 22(New Construction)
Bello Horizonte $69,700 161 sq. m. Single Story Lots and Land
7 photos
Parque del Encino, Lot 171
Liberia Centro $39,999 Single Story Lots and Land
6 photos
Rivergrand Plaza(New Construction)
Bello Horizonte $1,500.00 Yearly 108 sq. m. Single Story Commercial
13 photos
Riverside Condominiums, Suite 604
Riverside $1,500.00 Yearly 120 sq. m. Single Story Condominium

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